white short coated small dog on brown wooden floor

Do cats get along with vacuum robots?

Vacuum robots and cats have a lot in common. Both are independent, self-sufficient creatures that don’t need humans to survive. However, just because they can coexist doesn’t mean they always will.

Valuable tips

Here are some tips for keeping the peace between your feline friend and your robotic vacuum:

  1. Keep them separate. If you can, set up a dedicated area for your vacuum robot to clean so that it doesn’t enter your cat’s territory. This will help reduce the chances of a confrontation between the two.
  2. Be prepared to intervene if necessary. Even if you take precautions, there may be times when your cat and vacuum robot come into contact with each other unexpectedly (e..g., if the power goes out and the robot wanders into forbidden territory). In these cases, be prepared to step in and separate them before things get too heated

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